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Transform and Soar

David Carreno Cerrillo, HKUST MBA Intake 2020 student from Spain, looks forward to embarking his journey in Summer 2020 in Hong Kong.
Regardless of his plentiful of choices in Europe and North America, he decided to ignite his own transformation by pursuing an MBA in the heart of Asia - Hong Kong.


David Carreno Cerrillo (Spain)
Class of 2022
Pre-MBA: Digital Business Technician, MAPFRE, Spain

1. About David Cerrillo

My name is David, and I am from Barcelona (Spain). I studied for a BBA degree and a Master’s in Marketing at ESADE, during which I participated in an exchange to Canada. My professional background includes an international trade internship in Hong Kong, four years working in the digital business of a non-life insurance company, a role as a financial controller and an underwriting position. 

David, presented in the MAPFRE Digital Business Week in 2019 on status of digital business

My personal interests include practicing sports, playing the guitar, traveling and math. Of all of the subjects I have studied throughout my life, the one that has excited me the most has always been math. Professionally, I am interested in growing and taking on more responsibility within the company that might employ me in the future, and thus add more value. I also look forward to changing the industry as an investment banker working in M&A.

The moment of David finishing a half-Ironman triathlon - 1.9km swimming, 90km cycling, and 21km running 
2. Why an MBA in Asia rather than in Europe or North America?

Asia is one of the world’s most important and rapidly growing areas. In some industries, it is no longer a region where companies simply offer their products and services, but an area in which innovation is happening and where the most well-known companies are based. Companies such as Tencent, Alibaba and Huawei are clear examples of this trend, and that is only taking China into consideration—the spectrum is wider if we include Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The growth that the continent is experiencing made me decide to pursue my MBA in Asia, where I can gain a competitive edge in the labor market thanks to the cultural and operating knowledge acquired through being there.

3. Why HKUST?

The university offers a program with a great combination of faculty members from academia and industry, who give students not only the skills required to succeed after the MBA, but also the industry and regional knowledge to do so.

The HKUST team offers invaluable assistance in the process, not only with applications and onboarding, but also in starting to focus students’ actions toward their post-MBA objectives, even before starting the program itself.

Finally, as a hub for the industry in Asia, Hong Kong is a reference city in the world’s financial markets, and is well-connected to innovation hubs such as Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area, which makes HKUST the best option to develop a career in Asia and Hong Kong.

4. Three words to describe your feelings about joining the HKUST MBA family

Excited, charmed and welcomed.


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